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The first thing you need to do is create an account with MailChimp.

The following steps will walk you through the set up for your automatic emails:

Create an account with MailChimp

  1. Click here to go to MailChimp
  2. Click the button ‘Sign up free
  3. Enter your email, username and password and press ‘Create my account‘ – This will send you an email
  4. Go to your email and press ‘activate your account
  5. This will open another web page with a Captcha (jumbled letters) – Enter the Captcha and press ‘Confirm Signup
  6. Sign in to MailChimp
  7. Fill in as many fields on this page as possible as it will automatically generate the content within the footer of your emails
  8. When you are finished press ‘Save And Get Started
  9. Click ‘Let’s Go

You are now set up with MailChimp – Congratulations!

Create your list

The next step is to create a list. When someone signs up to your mailing list, they get entered into a list.

You can have as many lists as you like, but for now we will just create one.

  1. Click ‘Create A List
  2. Enter all of the required fields and press ‘Save‘ – I would suggest naming the list something like ‘Weekly blog posts’ so you know what it’s for
  3. You will now be taken to an overview of all your lists
  4. Click ‘Add people
  5. Enter in your email and details
  6. Press ‘Subscribe

Steps 4 – 6 are to add yourself to your mailing list. This is so you will receive a copy of your email whenever one is sent.

Create your automatic campaign

  1. Click ‘Campaigns‘ in the top navigation
  2. On the left, hover over ‘Create Campaign‘ and click ‘RSS-Driven Campaign
  3. You will now need to enter the URL to your website’s RSS feed. If you have a WordPress website, you can find this at
  4. Enter the frequency and time that you would like to send your campaign
  5. Click ‘Next‘ at the top right
  6. You should now see your lists on this page. Select the list you would like to send the automatic emails to, and click ‘Next

From this point on, you will need to use RSS values. These look like *|RSSFEED:TITLE|*. If you want to use a different value from your RSS feed, then please refer to this document

  1. You will now be on the ‘Campaign Info‘ page. Enter values into all of the required fields.

For the title, I used – [*|RSSFEED:TITLE|*] *|RSSFEED:DATE|* – *|RSSITEM:TITLE|* – This will come out as ‘[StuffedWeb] 04/05/2012 – Title of post here’

  1. Click ‘Next
  2. We now need to add a template. For this tutorial, please click ‘Select‘ under ‘Basic Layouts‘ – However you can use your own.
  3. On the left, click ‘Simple‘ then click on the template named ‘Basic
  4. On this section, you edit the content of your email. You need to use the RSS tags mentioned earlier.
    1. Hover of the title and click ‘Use Text‘ then add *|RSSITEM:TITLE|* – This will pull the title of your latest post
    2. Click on the main content and add *|RSSITEM:CONTENT_FULL|* – This will pull the content from your RSS feed
    3. You can preview your email by clicking ‘Popup Preview’ at the bottom
  5. When you are happy with your HTML email, click ‘Next
  6. Your plain text email should automatically be created, however click ‘Popup Preview‘ to double check and edit as necessary
  7. Click ‘Next
  8. Before you click ‘Start your RSS Campaign‘ make sure you send yourself a test email. If you are happy, then go for it!
  9. Click ‘Start Campaign‘ in the popup box
  10. Click ‘Go To Campaign Dashboard‘ to return

That’s it! Your email campaign is now set up and will automatically send out your latest post at the time you specified.

How to add it to your WordPress website

Now that you have your automatic emails set up and ready to send, you need to add the form to your website so people can subscribe to the emails.

Here are the steps to add the MailChimp sign up to your WordPress website:

  1. Click ‘Lists‘ in the main navigation
  2. On the list that you would like people to subscribe to, click ‘Forms
  3. On the navigation near the top, hover over ‘For Your Website’ and click ‘Signup Form Embed Code
  4. On the left, click ‘Classic Form
  5. Hover over the ‘Options‘ button next to ‘Classic Form‘ and update the details
  6. When you are happy with your form, click ‘Create Embed Code
  7. Under the ‘Create Embed Code‘, you will see the generated code, copy all of the code
  8. Sign in to your website’s WordPress admin
  9. Click ‘Appearance‘ > ‘Widgets
  10. Drag and drop the ‘Text‘ widget into your sidebar
  11. Paste your code into the text widget and press ‘Save

That’s it. You should now have a newsletter signup box within the sidebar of your website. Anyone who enters their email address will be added to the list you created, and will automatically receive emails with your latest posts attached.

Now you need to tell people to sign up to your newsletter and everything will happen automatically.

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